About Us

Get Up Street Theater is a fluid group of activists in the San Francisco Bay Area. We bring colorful, creative actions to the streets. So far we have focused on choreographed dances, but we aim to do more varied and inclusive actions.

A Brief History

We started in April 2013 to support Chelsea Manning (then Bradley Manning). We performed a slightly modified version of Bay Area Flash Mob‘s dance to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” around San Francisco to raise awareness about Manning and the support contingent in the SF Pride Parade. We performed a marching version of the dance in that year’s Pride, and every year since. (We are very happy that Obama has commuted Chelsea’s sentence!) We have since performed the “TDCAU” dance at a few Black Lives Matter protests and others.

We also choreographed a dance to Britney Spears’s opus “Toxic”, which we have performed at many demonstrations about environmental issues, such as protests against fracking, crude-by-rail, and the Keystone and DAPL pipelines.

We have now choreographed a third dance, to Rockwell’s “(I Always Feel Like) Somebody’s Watching Me”, with opportunities for more participation by those who we encounter on the street. We have not yet performed this one publicly, but (unfortunately) foresee lots of opportunities to use it to protest mass surveillance.

Join Us!

We welcome participation by all! You don’t need to be a dancer. We have taught many non-dancers, and for those who wish to support us, we can always use helpers! And we’re branching out to other types of actions. Contact us to learn more.

Copy Us!

If you want to use our dances somewhere else in the world, feel free! Check out our dance tutorials or contact us for more information.

Other Places To Find Us

We have a Facebook group and a mailing list, which you can subscribe to by sending an email to gust-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.