Dance Tutorials

We have three dances, to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” (TDCAU for short), Britney Spears’s “Toxic”, and Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me”.


This is Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”. We use a modified version of the song which is shorter than the release version and has a couple of audio cues in for us.

Our choreography is derived from that of Bay Area Flash Mob (who derived theirs from the original music videos). Here is the full dance at full speed (starts 1:12 in because we only do TDCAU, not “Drill”):

Our dance modifications

  • We don’t do the salute at the very start.
  • We don’t do the funky knee swiveling in the “chok chok” part (1:47 in in the full-speed video above). We just move our upper bodies for that section.
  • Right near the end (starting at 3:27 in), we keep the “left-right-left-left, right-left-right-right, left-right-left-left” pattern but everyone just freestyles whatever they want. (Audiences love this part.)
  • Some small differences of fists versus flat palms that not everyone in GUST even agrees on.

Our audio cues

We added two audio cues to help us out (these are not in the video):

  • In the section where we swing our fists to alternating sides of our bodies (starts 2:28 in), we do that nine times. It can be hard to keep track, so we added a Michael Jackson “woo-hoo” sound just as our hands are starting the last swing to the right (would be about 2:50 in the full-speed video above).
  • Near the end, just after the palm forward during the first “honk-honk”, we added a “click” sound (would be about 3:27 in the full-speed video). As soon as you hear the click, jump to the position with your legs spread apart and your fists by your sides. (This helps us synchronize that jump.)

Here’s is Bay Area Flash Mob’s full tutorial:

The marching modifications

We modified the dance into a forward march in Pride. Basically the rule is to move forward almost every time you possibly can.

  • When your feet are doing the basic military march, march forward instead of in place.
  • The sideways marching (starting at 1:50 in) is converted to diagonal marching, usually at a 45-degree angle but sometimes closer to straight forward if horizontal space is tight.
  • When we swing our fists to alternating sides of our bodies (2:28 in), as we bring the forward foot down, we step forward (small steps) instead of bringing it back.
  • Stay in place for “Some things in life they just don’t wanna see” (2:52 in).
  • March forward for “If Martin Luther were living”.
  • When we do fist pumps in the air (3:03 in, after “he wouldn’t let this be”), we simply march forward for both sets of 8 beats (we don’t march in place and we don’t march backward at all).
  • Right after that, when we alternate feet as we tap our hands to the left, we take small steps forward on each leg alternation.
  • Exception: right after that, march in place for the short section just before the first “honk-honk” (3:21 in), and stay in place for the rest of the song.


This is also a shorter version than Britney Spears’s release version. We don’t have step-by-step instructions for this yet (come to a lesson), but here’s a run-through:

We have since added a flourish: during the 360° turns after the arms-crossed “Don’t you know that you’re Toxic?” we do a slow lasso movement above our heads with our right arms as we turn. This occurs at 1:12, 1:19, 2:09, and 2:16 into the video.

Somebody’s Watching Me

We have a separate page for the “Somebody’s Watching Me” dance tutorial.